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Zeit Championship Favorit X Aussenseiter Quoten
09:00 AFF Suzuki Cup AFF Suzuki Cup Thailand 1.70 3.50 4.70 Malaysia 147
09:59 Emperors Cup Emperors Cup JEF United Chiba 2.77 3.24 2.77 Montedio Yamagata 300
09:59 Emperors Cup Emperors Cup Gamba Osaka 1.62 4.37 6.25 Shimizu 300
10:29 K League K League FC Seoul 2.36 3.21 3.32 Pohang 300
10:29 K League K League Incheon Korail 2.60 3.15 3.00 Seongnam Iihwa Chunma 265
12:00 AFF Suzuki Cup AFF Suzuki Cup Singapore 1.65 3.60 4.60 Myanmar 147


24 Nov - 30 Nov
Mo 24 Nov
Di 25 Nov
Mi 26 Nov
Do 27 Nov
Fr 28 Nov
Sa 29 Nov
So 30 Nov

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